Research and Development

New drug research and development capabilities

Vetco Pharmaceuticals is focused on research originality and technological innovation, to develop innovative and high-quality product for the medical industry.

At this stage, the R&D team consists of three specialist medical doctors, five veterinarians and R&D personnel. The team accumulates long-term new drug development experiences, and collaborate with academic and teaching units from mechanism of action study, animal stage studies to clinical trial and pathological analysis. From formulation development to scale-up production, and eventually GMP batch production; attentive research work has been carried out in each key step during the process to build up a comprehensive and practical professional R&D production system.

Our first invention, Antican® is an independently invented and patented product, all R&D processes was carried out with human pharmaceutical practice standards, including:

Preclinical pharmacological tests
Cancer cytology effectiveness test
Safety and efficacy studies in rats, mice and other animal species.
Safety and efficacy studies in dogs conducted in collaboration with animal teaching hospitals

We ensure the credibility of the study results by entrusting experimental units in United States (including Columbia University and PBRC of Louisiana State University) and multiple major academic units in Taiwan (including four major veterinary medicine and teaching hospitals). With the goals to better facilitate medical practices and increase life quality, Vetco has been meticulously investing huge sum of funds and efforts in new drug research and development, to provide high quality product to the medical industry.

Since 2011, the US FDA had also been initiatively inquiring about the development progress of Antican®. FDA also commented that they believe this product is innovative in its mechanism of action, route of administration and probable improved safety profile compared to traditional oncology products, and would fill a clinical need. Vetco has also been continuously granted with sponsor fee waiver, which has obviously proven the capability and technical ability of our R&D team.

Besides that, in 2014, we were also granted with the largest indicator of biotechnology subsidy program in Taiwan—The Leading Novel Product Program Subsidy by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which signifies the recognition of our new drug technology innovation and market acceptance.

Future Prospect

Vetco Pharmaceuticals is actively building and expanding local and international businesses, as well as hoping to attract talents to join the team. Concurrently, via the integration of government, production and academic resources, we are committed to develop safe, effective, high quality and stable patented product pipeline. We strive to work as a leading domestic and world-recognized pharmaceutical company. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance the specifications of domestic manufacturing plants to achieve PIC/S GMP standard, starting from Taiwan to Asia and eventually expanding to the global pharmaceutical market.