About Us

Vetco at a Glance

Who Are We

Since establishment in 2012 in Taiwan, Vetco Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been devoted in researching and developing innovative drug product for the medical industry. Our dedication has brought us to our first success, Antican® a novel anticancer drug for companion animal use, tested across multiple animal species in preclinical stage, has been launched in Taiwan in Oct. 2017.

Vetco Pharmaceuticals, founded by Dr. James Chen, a Taiwanese medical doctor who has more than 10 years of cancer and metabolic syndrome novel drug research experiences, invests R&D technology knowledge and resources back in Taiwan with the aim to improve treatments of diseases.

Our Goals

Upholding science and technology, professional, safe and effective core values, we integrate outstanding R&D team to provide a comprehensive range of novel drug products to the medical industry.

We aim to assist medical experts in their roles and to enhance the quality of life through these innovations. Driven by market-demand and patented technology, starting from novel drug research and development to clinical trial experiences, and ultimately through continuous innovation breakthroughs, we strive to create a sustainable business value.


Along the journey in developing the anticancer drug, our hard work and efforts have also been recognized by the government.

Granted with new biotechnology company qualification and 「Leading Novel Product」 program subsidy by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Granted with Agribusiness Science and Technology Innovation Award by the Council of Agriculture.
Granted with Bronze Award in Taiwan Health and Agricultural Industry by the Epoch Foundation.
Recommended by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan to represent Taiwan to exhibit in the 2016 and 2017 BIO International Convention in United States.
License approval and official launch of Antican® in Taiwan in Oct. 2017.

Global Vision

Vetco Pharmaceuticals is endeavoring to becoming an international pharmaceutical company and penetrate the global market with own branding whether through integrating local medical industry chain, or close collaboration with international pharmaceutical companies.

In near future, we also intend to form a new company solely for human pharmaceutical product development, to better improve the quality of life of the community.

Vetco's 5-Year Plan