Differs from traditional chemotherapy drug, Antican® is safe and only has mild side effects, which are mainly minor and self-limiting, such as local pain, mild skin irritation, one-time diarrhea and self-limiting fever. While there is no biological risk of traditional chemotherapy drug, hence, one should not be concerned about the drug causing harm to medical personnel and the owner during treatment.

High Product Quality

To ensure that companion animals receive similar medical treatment standards as humans, the production standard of Antican® adapted are in line with the human pharmaceutical production requirements, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). From utilizing human-use raw materials, to manufacturing, filling, packaging and labeling in production site; strict quality control is adapted to ensure drug stability, safety and efficacy. These compliance safeguard that quality and safe cancer treatment can be delivered to our companion animals. 

Course of treatment

 Two-week duration with total 10 injections given

This product is for veterinarian use only


Moving forward

With comprehensive preclinical data, this anticancer drug is also readily to be developed for human use. Vetco intends to develop and launch JPJY-B10 for human cancer indications through a newly-formed entity.